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SIFA 2018 Office Bearers Election
Annual elections for SIFA Office Bearers for 2018 will be held via an online election process during the month of December. SIFA patrons who have been sponsors for the last three consecutive years will be invited to vote on the contested nominations.
As per process, SIFA Board has selected an independent election commissioner to conduct elections this year. Smt. Jaya Krishnan has graciously agreed to serve as our Election Commissioner.
The election is a multi step process: Nomination within the allotted timeline, validation of candidates (based on election guidelines and the intent of the bylaws) and election of nominated candidates.
All positions are voluntary and require non conflicting participation, commitment to serve the organization to their full capacity and complete adherence to SIFA Code of Conduct as established in the bylaws. Below are the list of open positions along with eligibility criteria.
We recommend you review the eligibility of your nominated candidates, share the Roles and Responsibilities document with the nominees, get their acceptance to take up this volunteer role and then submit the online nomination form listed below. Please give careful consideration to nominate eligible candidates.
Step 1 - Nominations
As per our bylaws, any SIFA sponsor of good standing shall be eligible to nominate a candidate for any one open position.
A nominator can only nominate for ONE position in this election.
Deadline for submitting nominations is end of day Sunday, December 3, 2017.
Step 2 - Validation and Election
Election chair will evaluate and do due diligence to validate nominations.
Should there be an election for any position, election chair will request validated nominees to provide upto 1000 word brief bio to be sent out during e-voting.
There will be no other form of campaigning allowed via emails and phone calls.
Post e-voting, election results will be announced on Friday, December 15, 2017 on our website.
Thank you for your continued support of SIFA.
SIFA 2017 Board

Open Positions for 2018:
  • Senior Board Member (two positions)
    The nominee for this role must have served as President or Vice President in prior years. This role requires the individual to provide strategic guidance to the Operations team. This person must be of good standing in the community and must operate with no other conflict of interest.
  • President (Board Member)
    The nominee for this role must have served as Vice president or President in a prior term . Requires tremendous leadership , diplomacy and negotiation skills and a commitment to serve the community in this role. This person must be of good standing in the community and must operate with no other conflict of interest.
    (this role has been added this year since last year’s VP is unable to serve this year).
  • Vice President (Board Member)
    The nominee for this role must have served in some capacity (other than youth representatives) in the organization for at least two years, in prior years. He/she will continue in the Board as the President in the following year before exiting.
  • Secretary (Board Member)
    Any member of the community with good standing and the experience to handle the roles and responsibilities is eligible for this role. Record keeping skills are highly valued.
  • Treasurer, Joint Treasurer, Marketing Representative, Joint Marketing Representative, Joint Secretary
    Any member of the community of good standing and the experience and commitment to handle operations of SIFA in the relevant capacity is eligible for these roles.
  • Youth Representative (two positions)
    Preferably a high school student who can demonstrate the passion and energy to work as part of the team and help before and during all events of SIFA.

    Online Nomination Form
    Nominee Name:
    Position nominated
     Senior Board Member  
     President   Vice President 
     Secretary   Joint Secretary 
     Treasurer   Joint Treasurer 
     Marketing Representative   Joint Marketing Representative 
     Youth Representative 
    Nominee Phone:
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    Nominated By:
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